Marcel Wanders


Draw Your Story With The Spicy Black Eyeliner

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Marcel Wanders and Japanese cosmetics company Decorté join forces to take the irresistible allure of liquid eyeliner to the next level. Inspired by Japanese calligraphy, the new´Spicy Black´ features a soft pointed brush and a special mechanism to adjust the thickness of the line effortlessly. It girls turn self-made make-up artists with ‘Spicy Black’ and three new eye shadows.

‘There’s nothing more powerful than the simplicity of a single stroke of black ink on a piece of pure white paper. It’s such a bold and moving gesture. This eyeliner turns everyday ritual into artistic self- expression.’ says Marcel Wanders.

‘Make-up is so much more than a beauty ritual, it is really a very personal form of storytelling’ Gabriele Chiave adds.

Since 2009 and driven by a shared affinity for sophisticated beauty and intelligence, Marcel Wanders and Cosme Decorté continue to work closely to bring contemporary design, exclusive technology, scientific research and the highest quality to the world of skincare cosmetics.




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