Marcel Wanders


The Daisy Chair. One part organic. One part synthetic. All Marcel Wanders.


There are only so many original things in the world. Yet, there is infinite number of combinations that can be made to breathe new life into our existing routines. Twisting the world to surpise with unexpected connections is at the core of the growing Cyborg collection created for Magis. The juxtaposition of a polycarbonate base, with different kinds of materials and designs of the interchangeable upper back part, forms the central character of the Cyborg family. The experimental nature of joining of materials and designs has taken Magis on a journey that has resulted in many different incarnations. Some versions of the furniture have included solid wood, wicker and translucent polycarbonate seats, while the upholstered versions have been produced in a variety of colourful fabrics and leather.

The trial and error process is inherent to who we are as designers. It is in our nature to combine the past with the current to make the new. It is our way of creating something original,” states Marcel.

Standing apart, The Daisy Chair, marks the introduction of the first outdoor version of the chair. Perfect for summer lounging, the Daisy Chair is completely made of aluminum, with a new backrest that offers an elegant visual appeal. In either black or white, a choice of a few finishes is also available. As the composition of the chair plays with notions of organic and synthetic materials, artisanship and machine work, the inclusion of metal contributes yet another distinctive interpretation of the concept.

Bringing the collection outdoors transforms it even further, as the environment in which the Daisy Chair will be placed becomes another element to the combination. It also challenged us to further consider things such as daylight in conjunction with how it will be experienced,” adds Creative Director, Gabriel Chiave.


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