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From a fantastical fear and respect of damnation comes an object of beauty and relaxation. As part of the Monster Chair series [referring to the Monster Chair, 2010], this incredible monster is an enduring reminder representing the threat of eternal punishment. Everlasting mutilation and torture serves as consequence for our mistreatment of those closest to us in this life.

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2016 |8+2AP | 72 x 130 x 120 cm
Leather, Embroidery, Wood, Foam

For more information please contact Davina Moen Marcar or by phone:+3120 262 03 09.


Personal Editions




Believe it or not you're a light-weight

Can you catach a rainbow

Do you agree lace is lovely? 

Do you like your gold shiny? 

Are you a metal head? 

Do you believe broken porcelain brings luck?  

What is your favourite book

Would you care for a little fright

This make me feel sooo happy

Sparkly like silver or shiny like gold