Perseus Chandelier Implodes Form and Colour

As part of the Barovier&Toso ‘Light E-motion’ exhibition (2015), the enhancement of the traditional Murano glass making methods is expressed through a multitude of hand-blown glass lights. All icons in the exhibition showed embedded movements. Extra-large scenic hand-puppets danced to subtle music while classic chandeliers rotated as fragile ballerinas. Distilled from this exhibition, The ‘Perseus’ collection (2016-to present) brings together a multitude of glass elements. Designed subversively with respect to the canons of classicism and mimicking gracious movement, the ‘Perseus’ chandelier resembles an explosion of coloured glass. Its chromed metal frame supports the various mixed and matched glass fixtures.

“This chandelier beautifully detonates light. It is designed to surprise. From overhead, it embodies celebration as it casts joy in all directions,” 

says Marcel Wanders.

With arms that extend in all directions, the Perseus chandelier captivates the attention and immediately welcomes all who enter the room. “Its various configurations create an asymmetrical game contributing to its enchantment,” 

adds Gabriele Chiave.