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StUdiO LiFe

Family Portrait

Every year, we photograph our team within a concept based on a current project. At our New Year's Eve party, the studio presents this portrait as a giant thank you to Marcel. For the first in this tradition, everyone's faces were hand-painted as a Matrioska. Most recently, we were circus performers for the Alessi Circus project. It's how we all show our commitment to the success of the studio.

Birthday Toast

From a traditional Dutch saying that “Many grains make one bread” comes our annual birthday toast. Being part of this group is special and each of us feels responsible for the success of the studio. To celebrate, each year, we design a new limited edition toast piece to be given to all the birthday boys and girls. The design is unique every year, making each a true collectors' item.



Nothing draws people together like food. At the studio, we spend time in community sharing our lunch moment together each day. The whole studio takes turns in the kitchen. It's a special time to converse with our colleagues that we never take for granted.

Studio Boat

The wonderfully inviting landscape of Amsterdam features famous canals. More than pleasing to the eye, they provide a quiet, relaxing respite from a long day at work. Thankfully, the studio of Marcel Wanders owns a koi carps decorated studio boat, named Float, that each of us can board all year. Meandering the waterways offers us a wonderful opportunity to share time with each other and reconnect with our beloved city.

Unique Parties

We're as dedicated to hard work as we are to having a good time. Over the years, on a regular basis, we mean regular, our studio has gained a reputation for throwing some of the most unique and outrageous costume parties in all of Amsterdam. Every employee dresses up in the most peculiar and inventive costumes – each purposely designed to out-shock the others.


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