Air pOlluTion mAsk

O2TODAY™, 2016

Product design | Art Direction | Surface Patterns | Advertising

The world’s most breathable urban air pollution mask uses scientific technical innovation and extensive consumer research to protect us from the pollutants found in our city air. With industry-leading design and biologically advanced filtration, the O2TODAY™ mask (2016) makes breathing comfortable and stylish. As co-founder of the San Francisco start up, Marcel Wanders’ sustainability philosophy aligns closely with the mask. Employing the technology of Lanaco wool-based filters, our masks exceed internationally accepted AS/NZS1716 P2 standards filtering as much as 97% of airborne particulates while delivering remarkably low breathing resistance so users can breathe more naturally. It also adhers to the O2TODAY™ philosophy to not only protect urban residents and global travelers but to do so with the least possible impact on the environment. Made from 100% MAPP® certified New Zealand merino wool, the mask delivers superior moisture management, odour resistance, temperature regulation and unsurpassed comfort.