CerAmic tiLeS

Ceramica Bardelli, 2016

Product design | Surface Patterns

Transforming into works of art, the Carmen, Iris (1) and (2), Minoo, Eve and Sofia collections are characterised by different design techniques. Many years of artisanal knowledge have been merged within these tiles, which are crafted and decorated by hand. Whilst looking to the collections, one can become transfixed by the complexity of the design and lost within a multitude of layers that have been screen printed across its surface.  Such skill alludes to a three-dimensional surface with optical illusions delivering elements of mystery and charm to the tiles. Through the rotoprinting process of the Sofia collection, each layer is unique, has an individual story to tell and subsequently, many memories unfold as patterns overlap and optical illusions occur. The primary design direction behind the Eve collection has originated from past references of aerial gardens, in which an intuitive mix of both nature and geometry unfolds. These tiles show a highly skilled form of free-hand painting over the stencil with an aquarelle finish. The collections share a versatility and underlying sophistication that confirms their suitability for a variety of applications from floor to wall, through to commercial and residential applications.