leAthEr cOlleCtiOn

Bill Amberg Studio, 2019

Product Design | Surface Patterns

Working with the internationally recognised leather craftsmen from Bill Amberg Studio has resulted in a collection of timeless bespoke hides. Design SFM 42 and SFM 37 are two exclusive fractal designs under the SFM or ‘Studies for a Mosque’ series. Each are presented on the prestigious aesthetic of leather. Blending seamlessly with leather’s inherent softness and durability, the Marcel Wanders studio’s computational language of infinite geometries becomes a unique and sophisticated execution. Inspired by the sacred mathematics of nature – as seen across the plant and animal worlds – the organic artwork repeats across varying scales, adding a new three-dimensionality to the leather hides. Offering depth of experience, these designs reveal an endless evolution of ornamentation, like a maze, where in each angle leads to another level to explore.