tHe OrnAmentAl UniVerSe

LG Hausys, 2015

Product Design | Art Direction | Surface Patterns

Endless possibilities abound when two opposite worlds collide. The LG Hausys Milan exhibition (2015) portrays a space full of fantasy and surprise, as a multi-sensory experience delivers a range of LG Hausys materials. Presented in their full extension, from wall to floor and from covering to foil, the entire showing created a universal, deep world of beauty. The Ornamental Universe wallpaper collection within the exhibit included a series of patterns that express the vastness and all-inspiring beauty of the universe that's made of micro-cosmos and ordered systems. Original complexity is explored through overlay, rhythm, density, harmony and pattern. From the macro scale to the sub-atomic level, nature-inspired ornaments assign new meaning to systems, making them comprehensible.