tHe UnSeen CollecTiOn

Safilo, 2016

Product Design | Fashion Accessories | Art Direction | Video Animation | Packaging | Installations

Although glasses are transparent objects through which we see the world, they are also an opaque shield that makes us feel protected. This subtle barrier hides the eyes, the windows to our soul. Understanding this, we can see that glasses have two sides, an outside and an inside, a public side and a private side, a new perspective for eyewear design arises. With this in view, we have created a defensive, clean and protective exterior, and a more intimate romantic and personal interior. The inside is designed as a reflexion of our complex selves, private and visual only to us, as if it were eyewear lingerie. Designed for both men and women to enjoy, this smart, sophisticated eyewear collection combines meticulously detailed high-tech production and technology.
The Unseen collection (2016) hash exceptionally comfortable and lightweight metal frames and comes in golden, champagne, gun or chrome, and includes a choice of sunglasses and optical glasses in different colours.