Marcel Wanders, 2008 - 2018

Interior Design | Furniture

For a decade, the Westerhuis was our creative work space that became a means to highlight a body of work by Marcel Wanders that finds itself outside of the traditional design boundaries. Visitors were greeted at the entrance of the building with a black and white big bell, accented with a Marcel Wanders signature bow. A colourful floral pattern of Bisazza mosaic tile flooring showed the way. On the 3rd floor, the entrance to the open-layout office space hosted the iconic Tree of Life. A level above, visitors discovered the One Minute Meeting room containing the Smoke Chair by Maarten Baas for MOOOI that is made with soft leather and offers the beauty and character of burned wood. This space also showcased timeless Delft Blue Vases and Plates that re-introduce and revitalise the ancient Chinese Ming porcelain tradition assimilated into the Dutch culture in the 17th Century in contemporary fashion. Also in the space were the Container Tables for MOOOI that feature a durable four-foot round top mounted onto a flared foot. The adjacent VIP meeting room held the iconic MOOOI VIP Chair covered with a felt-like textile that hangs loose like trouser legs. Next to it, was the Diva meeting room named after its curved red Diva sofa that offers a relaxing place to sit. The space offered a breathtaking view over the city of Amsterdam. Though majestic space no longer exists as the studio moved to the Plantage neighbourhood in the beginning of 2019, our spirit for designing with surprise to uplift the human spirit continues.