Marcel Wanders


A mesmerizing interior experience by Marcel Wanders!


Private Residence Taipei combines Marcel's design signature with local-inspired elements. Each space is lovingly conceived as a jewelry box with attention to detail, richly decorative reliefs and bespoke furniture setting the tone. All rooms are individually designed to provide a unique experience.

Beside a master bedroom suite, the floor plan includes two guest bedrooms, a dining & show kitchen, as well as an entertainment & study room.

Black woven Jester textile walls dress the master bedroom with a royal flair. One Minute bedside lamps and a free standing headboard divide the space. Behind it, a colorful Bisazza mosaic wall with artwork by Dutch artist Femke Hiemstra, a New Antiques Bisazza washbasin, Valentine lights and a shower in the shape of a crystal chandelier glamorize your bathroom experience. Produced in a variety of warm woods, the bedroom inlay gives way to fine mosaics that continue the pattern into the bathroom space.

The dining room exhibits an exclusive One Minute Delft-Blue ceramic plate collection, a remarkable Delft–Blue mosaic wall, also by Bisazza, and a built-in cabinet made of copper. Its center piece is a white marble dining table, with a copper extension to facilitate food preparation and reinforce eventful dining. 

Full of personality, the entertainment & study room possesses a boudoir atmosphere. Thick red woven carpets, curtains and cushioned sofas, a luxurious black crystal chandelier, an exquisite cherry wood cabinet and built-in bookcase give the space a dark and mysterious mood. 

Private Residence Tapei is a mesmerizing residential interior experience by Marcel Wanders!



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