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HerE to CreAte an EnVirOnMenT of lOve, liVe WiTh paSSiOn and mAke our MoSt eXciTinG DreAms cOmE trUe

About Us

Marcel Wanders studio is a leading product and interior design studio located in the creative capital of Amsterdam, fulfilling its mission to “create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true.” Over 31 years, the studio's design and communication experts have completed more than 1,900+ iconic experiences all around the globe for private clients and premium brands such as Alessi, Baccarat, Bisazza, Christofle, Kosé Corporation/Decorté, Flos, KLM, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, LH&E Group, Louis Vuitton, Miramar Group, Morgans Hotel Group, Puma among scores of others.

Founded by Marcel Wanders, under Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave’s leadership and creative direction, the 40-person design team is bringing the human touch back to design, ushering in a design’s ‘new age’ in which designer, craftsperson and user are reunited. The studio is shaping the design industry with more romantic and humanistic design thinking, respecting the past and diversity of culture.

Our Design Approach

Rooted in a humanistic perspective, Marcel Wanders studio brings back humanity in the technocratic world of design, ushering in what they call ‘the Contemporary Renaissance of Humanism.’ Creating a reality in which designer, craftsperson and user feel welcomed and embraced. With each new project, Marcel Wanders studio defies design dogma, preferring to focus instead on the holistic, romantic, surreal, archetypical, rather than the technocratic. In this universe, the coldness of industrialism is replaced instead by the poetry, fantasy and romance of different ages, vividly brought to life in the contemporary moment. The work of Marcel Wanders studio excites, provokes and polarises, but never fails to surprise, to celebrate and entertain. Regarded by many as an anomaly in the design world, it is the mission to create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true. 

Product Design

The studio of Marcel Wanders regularly collaborates with world-renowned brands to create smart and sustainable products from individual home furnishing pieces to iconic, custom-designed collections. To us, design is at its pinnacle when it reveals itself in the least expected manner and evokes an emotional, involuntary response of joy and enlightenment. From products for the home to one-of-a-kind items and collections, we seek to bring new products to market that reveal cultural innovation and a durable perspective by creating objects that will be cherished forever, while fitting seamlessly into people’s lives. Our approach is to move from materialism to conceptualism and connect back design's true purpose of meaningful connection. Our product design is unexpected, bold, daring and luxurious. Throughout all we make, we look to bring the human touch back to design while defining creative luxury, which starts where functionality ends.

Interior Design

To create destinations, we design interior spaces that offer a true connection to place. We allow local elements and local culture to influence the design, foster and build community for the future. We work from a new type of consciousness to bring craft to each project. This enables preferred imperfection, storytelling and the humanising and personalising of design concepts and processes. Our approach is to honour the past and inspire guests with a genuine connection to a place or time. Often with our interiors, we use biofilia design principles to make environments that are nature inspired and human focused. We redefine the language of an iconic shape or place to arrive in the contemporary moment. With every interior design, our purpose is to utilise space to promote the ways people want to live while making it a sensory experience that is imbued with a memorable sense of destination.

Art Direction

The way we communicate a brand is through a collaborative process that involves different disciplines that bring the creativity to another level. With the goal of always creating iconic and memorable campaigns, we seek to discover holistic solutions rather than the technocratic. Every art direction project involves taking a 360° holistic approach, from design to communication, from form to film, animation, packaging, and other mediums. Our approach to creating campaigns for leading brands such as Alessi, Kosé Corporation/Decorté, Moooi and others has been to focus on finding the specific tone and feeling that will enduringly resonate across markets. Whether we are creating an ad campaign for a product or sharing an iconic object with the world, we always work to make the art direction reveal its purpose and meaning completely.


Marcel Wanders opened his studio in 1996 in Amsterdam and is currently located in the pulsating heart of the Plantage neighbourhood. Though the studio was born in Amsterdam, none of its people is born local. So, strangers to the city, we feel welcomed and grateful for all the city’s gifts; it’s great architecture, biking culture, iconic canals, history, openness and tolerance, and so much more. Therefore, while living here, it is our honour and pleasure to contribute to this great humanistic city and give back the best we can give. This deeply respectful connection to the city is celebrated with the institution of the Westerhuis (2006), a building for the creative industries, the publication of ‘Amsterdam Creative Capital’ (2009), the opening of the ‘Andaz Prinsengracht Amsterdam’ (2012) and the creation of ‘Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age’ (2016), a ground-breaking homage to 17th Century Dutch masterpieces from the Gallery of Honour in the Rijksmuseum. THNK (2010), School for Creative Leadership, and the Club of Twelve (2005) represent additional intellectual circles and think-tanks that push city-minded cultural initiatives, of which Marcel Wanders is co-founder and plays a key role.

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