Marcel Wanders


Alessi Circus Exclusive to Harrods during London Design Festival


"Marcel Wanders has given me the opportunity to fulfill a dream, that is to say, to produce the equivalent of a Faberge egg in tableware. He has allowed me to showcase the strength of Alessi – part factory, part artisanal craftsman. This complicated project, which isn't industrial nor artisanal, is where the future of Italian industry lies," said Alberto Alessi.

Marcel Wanders created a limited-edition collection of five circus characters. This iconic group of classical kitchen tools as specially-made sculptures includes The Candy Man, who collects sweets in his hat and offers them on his tongue. The Strong Man, who is a nut cracker able to make the strong decisions. The Jester is a corkscrew exploding with colours as he jumps up and down opening bottles. The Ballerina balances atop a music box, rotating on a ball to avoid a small, scary mouse. And the Ring Leader, a bell symbolizing the ringmaster of the circus, being transported by a monkey chasing a banana.

Marcel Wanders launched the Alessi Circus Collection exclusively at Harrods, September 21st during the London Design Festival. The Alessi Circus Collection includes plates and trays made of steel, ceramic bowls and mugs, along with tin and glass storage containers. Using bold, geometric patterns and dynamic colours, each piece delivers the wonder of the circus. With this magical set comes a new contribution to the design world – the merging of artistic elements with the manufacturing techniques required to craft functional pieces made of various materials.


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