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AQMW holiday set is on its way to Japan

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This Christmas Marcel Wanders once again presents a stunning limited edition makeup set in the AQMW brand collection. Every holiday season this special set comes in a unique theme. For the fourth edition, Marcel Wanders is sending a beautiful letter to all Japanese women. Grouping together the most important makeup essentials, the set includes delicious lip gloss, blush that resembles a notepad, eyeliner in the shape of a pen and eye shadow that takes after a lock. Each item is expressly customized to symbolize a message of beauty and sweetness for all Japanese girls. All items are placed in a box which resembles a classic envelope with a string and button closure, exhibiting the signature AQMW floral pattern and a postal stamp from Amsterdam to remind of its origin. Inside, the theme continues with the blush compact that appears as the paper holding Marcel’s personal message. The gel eyeliner represents the pen with which the affectionate note was written. Furthermore, gradation eye shadow comes in a jewellery box covered by a locked heart. This covetable package reflects the beauty and elegance that AQMW is known for with exclusive cosmetic ingredients of superior quality. 

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