Marcel Wanders


At the Centre Pompidou, versatility and playful imagination eliminate the barriers between craft and industry.

Since March 23, 2016, Marcel Wanders, along with renowned artists and designers from all over the world, has been a part of an entirely new hang of the most recognized contemporary collections in the world. In the Centre Pompidou, Marcel is exhibiting his diverse range and ability to work with a wide spectrum of materials and mediums. Featuring industrial pieces, video installations and personal editions, the showcase is highlighting Marcel's signature versatility that sets him apart among international artists and designers.

Working in multifaceted mediums affords me the chance to explore new technologies and materials, allowing me to think in different ways. It forces me to truly consider how people will experience the work. Therefore, each new medium opens another avenue to use juxtaposition to surprise and delight,” added Marcel.

With an approach to design and art that is playful and imaginative, Marcel is replacing the coldness of industrialism with poetry, fantasy and romance. The purpose behind all of his work is to uplift the human spirit and allow those who experience his work to connect with it in the most meaningful way. In his personal editions within this exhibition, visitors are introduced to Marcel's unique ability to humanize design through pieces that are personal, random and handcrafted.


Do you believe broken porcelain brings luck?  

Can you catach a rainbow

Do you agree lace is lovely? 

Have you ever met Marcel

Are you a metal head? 

What is your favourite book

Believe it or not you're a light-weight

Would you care for a little fright

Do you remember antiques

Are you fond of white