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Always wondered about the Personal Editions Collection?

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The 'Bon Bon Chair' (2010) is iconic of Marcel Wanders' Personal Editions Collection. This series explicitly shows the designer's interest in the combination of traditional crafts and industrial processes, in durability, fantasy and creativity for the benefit of humanity.

The relationship between man and machine, industrial techniques and commercial distribution are central themes in design. 

Breaking away from these shackles and inspired by the wish to have a more direct hand in design, Marcel decided to create a unique collection of pieces: Marcel Wanders Personal Editions.

These limited, exclusive editions are a step towards humanized design; objects that have a greater (personal) significance. a concern that ultimately infiltrates Marcel Wanders' entire oeuvre.

The Personal Editions collection is rooted in Marcel's desire to push himself by exploring creativity in a more direct, 'hands on' way, to incorporate hazard and coincidence into the work, and to test and experiment, as exemplified in the One Minute sculptures. 

Personal Editions pieces are unique and poetic in their quest to interrogate Marcel's main practice as a designer.

In Marcel's own words: "I want to make things that evoke new human connections and impact our lives in interesting and meaningful ways, and which people cherish and want to keep forever." 

For more information on the Personal Editions collection, please contact Davina Marcar: T: +31 20 2620309


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