Marcel Wanders


Cosme Decorte portable face powder


December 2012 sees the launch of Marcel Wanders’ designed limited edition portable face powder for Cosme Decorte. Inspired by a locket on a necklace, where precious memories are held, and pocket watches, once invaluable accessories, the case evokes a pleasant sensation of the past. The portable compact is designed to travel in pocket or purse for touch ups on the go.

Decorated with the signature Cosme Decorte floral pattern, the sparkling silver case radiates glamour and daintiness, mirroring the allure that is the essence of the beautiful woman. When the case is opened, a sleeping beauty awakens to transform you with her radiance. She is an artwork in pink powder, soft as air she will render you divine. Listen closely and you will hear her whisper "between dream and reality awakes the true soul of imagination". 

When the powder is finished, the compact may be refilled or you may wish the carry around your secrets and wishes to be awakened and reflected back at you whenever the compact is opened...

Each year a new compact will be designed holding a new powder artwork designed exclusively by Marcel Wanders, and accompanied by a book.

To learn more about the limited edition compact please click here.



Marcel Wanders is Art Director for the high-end AQ MW skincare collection he launched together with COSME DECORTE for the Asian market. Besides developing the skincare and make up product lines, he designed the AQ MW logo, revamped the package design, store-front and advertising visuals.




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