Marcel Wanders


Flos get lit, get ink'd

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"My Flos lamps are special pieces. They hold hidden elements of extreme beauty that is revealed only when they are used in certain ways. The idea is that the tattoos capture this spirit, a little beauty secretly living on the bodies of a few people in New York. I am excited so many people wanted to have the tattoo done. I am sorry we could only do 20."

Marcel Wanders

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In celebration of the launch of his new lamps, Marcel teamed up with FLOS and celebrated tattoo artist Scott Trerrotolla of Ritual 13 for a first-ever one-of-a-kind tattooing event. Titled “Get Lit, Get Ink’d”,  the event saw Scott tattooing participants with one of three limited edition tattoos drawn by Marcel, reflecting the iconic lighting designs for FLOS: Skygarden, Can Can and Chrysalis. The event took place May 15 at the FLOS showroom in New York, as part of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.



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