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Marcel achieves personal & career milestone


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 28 January 2014. Just days before the opening of his first major museum showing in 12 years, designer Marcel Wanders launched his very first mobile app - 'Milestone,' on Dutch national television Monday night.

On the popular program De Wereld Draait Door [video in Dutch], before an audience of over 2 million, Marcel revealed his new creation and spoke enthusiastically about where the idea came from. The free app quickly shot to #4 on the iTunes App Store.

Ever the exponent of exploring new technologies and the notion that 'every day is an opportunity to celebrate,' Marcel wanted “to create an instrument for measuring the development of people’s lives.”

Milestone makes the personal countdown graspable. It helps you remember how long ago - or how long until - a special moment that is meaningful to you.

Through a simple and intuitive interface, Milestone gives users the ability to capture and cherish personal moments in a typically wild and wonderful Wanders way. Users can mark and share the number of seconds since they quit smoking, the number of minutes since their first date, the number of days until they go on vacation, and so on.

Festivity is also a signature in much of Marcel’s product, interior design and art direction work for brands and clients around the globe.

“Measuring special moments in terms of seconds, minutes, hours or days gives a new perception of time. Marking significant occasions becomes a personal experience which you can share with others, and with groups of people through your social networks,” said Marcel.

In Marcel’s vision for the app, Milestone is a gift to visualize and record, and an opportunity to remember all the beautiful and important things that happen in people’s personal lives.

What's your Milestone?

Milestone is available now for free download through the Apple App Store


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