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Marcel Wanders creates Randstad Talents!

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The prestigious Andaz Prinsengracht Amsterdam, an iconic interior by Marcel Wanders, saw the launch of the Talents collection in the beginning of April. The Talents are in sync with Randstad’s latest campaign and philosophy ‘Worden wie je bent’ (Becoming who you are).

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The Marcel Wanders’ Talents are collectible gifts, especially designed for Randstad's clients and network, each representing a different function, industry or profession. Among them are the cook, the nurse, the teacher, the banker, the call center agent, the trucker, the IT-specialist, the mechanic, the engineer and the secretary. In addition, five special edition characters have been created. Together all 15 types or personas symbolize a different division within the company.

"I was interested in the human aspect behind Randstad as a Human Resource company and, with a wink, to visualize their philosophy of connecting people and bringing talent into the light,” Marcel Wanders said about this project.

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All the Talents have magnets and can hold hands together. This idea goes back to the Randstad award Marcel Wanders created in 2010, in which little magnets take on the shape of people to symbolize how putting talent together accomplishes greatness.  

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The Talents are a wonderful metaphor for a company whose mission is to connect people, and to facilitate and grow talent. Frits Goldschmedingis, the president and director of Randstad, also received his own Talent. The design of the Talents pays homage to his great vision.

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