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Marcel Wanders Launched Christofle Grandfather Clock at Design Downtown Dubai!

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From a whimsical, luxurious and sensual collection, with stylistically distinctive pieces, comes the Christofle Grandfather Clock revealing the finest of what the worlds of design and silversmith's craft has to offer. Launched during Downtown Design Dubai, October 25 through 28, this state-of-the-art clock joins meticulous design with fine mechanical skills.

Oversized proportions, complex etching work and noble materials set the pace of this stainless steel beauty that towers at 2, 10 meters tall and defines what it means to be the example of meticulous design and mechanical luxury. Available in an exclusive edition of 50, owners can customize the three internal clocks to set the time in different cities across the globe – anywhere from Tokyo to Paris to Miami.

This clock carries the family's iconic signature pattern; interlaced leaves, curled lys flowers and decorative apples against a geometric matrix reminiscent of the lush garden. Exceptional in every way, its preciousness, sensuality and poetry distinguish the silversmith's work and make this a timeless luxurious item to hold on to forever.

“Clocks are the enduring ambassadors of our lives, the connectors of our generations. With such meaningful implications, it was important to make this timepiece larger than life, because time is larger than life,” states Gabriel Chiave.


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