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Keep an eye out for Rijks Masters of the Golden Age!

Marcel Wanders presents Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015!

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“This book is about how the greatest masterpieces influence how we see the world today.” Marcel Wanders.

Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age is a groundbreaking art publication combining the finest materials, the most innovative techniques and the testimonies of thought leaders and craft masters from around the world.

Frankfurt, Germany, 14th October 2015 – Today, the internationally renowned designer Marcel Wanders presents his latest project at the book fair in Frankfurt – the unique art publication Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age, which pays homage to the 17th-century Dutch masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum’s prestigious Gallery of Honour. Three years in the making, the project was born of Marcel Wanders’ profound appreciation for this outstanding cultural heritage and its timeless significance. 

The book brings us eye to eye with over 60 iconic paintings such as Rembrandt’s Nightwatchand Vermeer’s Milkmaid. Each piece is experienced up close with the most surprising detail, as the finest printing techniques and thoughtful perspectives transport these paintings from a different age and vividly bring them to life. Leading contemporary critical thinkers from the worlds of philosophy, art, film, food, trend, business and design explain how their perception of the world has been influenced by these paintings with each of the 28 renowned experts focusing on an individual artwork. Featuring writings of Ferran Adrià, David Allen, Alain de Botton, Anton Corbijn, Angela Missoni, Jimmy Nelson, Erwin Olaf and many more, the testimonies add a new way of seeing not only these masterpieces, but also life itself.

The book sets a new benchmark for art books with its materials, production techniques and contemporary writings. Lavishly produced in genuine leather, beautiful hand-written calligraphy, and the finest printing technique and paper. There are three editions of the book.

First, a Unique Art Edition crafted completely by hand with a gold-plated emblem and gold plating, 2,5D printed reproduction, handwritten calligraphy, textile pages and hand lacquered paintings. This version weights 40 kilograms and measures 70 x 50 x 9 cm (height x width x length). Personalized touches can include, among others, handwritten calligraphy in one’s own language and one’s family coat of arms.

The Limited Edition at 35 kilograms yet keeping the same dimensions, has silver plating and is printed with the finest inks. Both the Unique Art and the Limited Edition come with a specially designed table stand and a Behind the Scenesbook, in which the 28 stories of thought leaders and masters of crafts can be read.

Finally, an unlimited 5-kilogram Coffee Table Book for wider distribution and measuring 33.2 x 23.7 x 5 cm (height x width x length) is also available.

Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age is a special initiative and project of Marcel Wanders in collaboration with Steven Hond.

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