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Marcel Wanders sets time with new Grandfather clock for Christofle at Maison & Objet

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Amsterdam, 18 January 2016. Marcel Wanders has made his Jardin d'Eden collection for Christofle even larger. His latest editions to this testimony of meticulously crafted design include a wide array of tableware and home products that will be presented at Maison & Objet, January 22-26, 2016. Jardin d’Eden is a whimsical, luxurious and sensual collection, with stylistically distinctive pieces that render the finest of what the worlds of design and silversmith's craft has to offer.

Among the new pieces of tableware are wine glasses, red and white water glasses, tumblers, champagne glasses and whiskey, water and wine carafes. Each features exquisite etching to give distinct character and texture. The dinnerware collection includes bowls and platters, as well as, plates made in white porcelain – each finished with a subtle textured pattern.

Marcel Wanders is also presenting items that will add surprise and timeless luxury to any home. A silver pencil cup and paper weight is edged with the Jardin d'Eden pattern, while two wood boxes with silver lids feature the same edged pattern and are complete with a lift knob that is in the design of the Christofle apple.

The unmistakable hero of this exhibition, however, is Marcel Wanders' newest timepiece creation, his grandfather clock. A literal monument to artistry, this stainless steel beauty towers at 2,10 meters tall and defines what it means to set the standard for meticulous design and mechanical luxury.

A meticulously crafted wall clock will also be exhibited.  Extracting one of the small clocks from the existing Marcel Wanders' giant clock, with its undulating design and ornate hands, an engraved frame with the Jardin d'Eden pattern surrounds the original design. It's preciousness, sensuality and poetry distinguish the silversmith's work.  Additionally, the exhibit includes a small desk clock with the collection's signature style.

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