Marcel Wanders


Marcel Wanders shares insights during his interview with James Taylor.

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Listen to the podcast here. Getting to know Marcel Wanders is to be welcomed into a world of wonder and complexity and delight. All at the same time. Ever focused on uplifting the human spirit, Marcel sat with James Taylor to divulge everything from his perspective on the differences in culture and creativity around the world to the wonderful challenge of managing a studio that has grown to more than 50 people. Over that time, his studio has completed more than 1700 projects for clients ranging from Alessi and MAC cosmetics to KLM Airlines and Puma. Along the way, Marcel has learned many lessons which today are helping him to expand his creative opportunities and connect with people like few designers can.

As the conversation moves to Marcel's design process, Marcel thoughtfully explains the benefit of experimentation. Marcel sees himself as a father of his works and believes that each experimentation is the beginning process for nurturing something special to its completion.

Sharing further, Marcel gives his listeners a look behind the curtain into what makes the design studio that bears his name so energizing and productive. Marcel illustrates the symbiotic relationship between what he has decreed as the two distinct departments of the studio: order and chaos. Within the studio, Marcel explains, each department is responsible to function on its own while complementing the other.

“If we don’t have order, then we get nothing done. If we cannot have our chaotic process and it’s only order, we may get something done. But we need each other to be outstanding,” explains Marcel.

In the world of design and materials, Marcel acknowledges that there is nothing new under the sun. He is, however, committed to the idea that new combinations make new connections and bring new life to the expected and create the sensational from the common. As a generalist, Marcel seeks collaboration and invites any opportunity to work with new materials that present new relations and functionality. Over the course of the interview, listeners are granted access to everything that makes Marcel like no one else. His failures, his doubts, and his triumphs and visions are all on display as he openly shares and inspires in this unprecedented, candid conversation.



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