Marcel Wanders


Milan Design Week 2015 Sneak Peak!

Marcel Wanders' concept of two opposite worlds for the LG Hausys stand at Milan Design Week 2015 is not just a space arrangement – it is an experience.

Inspired by LG Hausys continuous material innovation, versatility and durability, we tell the story of the endless possibilities of LG Hausys' products in relation to our pattern design. The pattern was originally conceived around the themes of macro-cosmos, the layered, ornamental vastness of the Universe, and micro-cosmos, with its ordered systems and patterns which can be found on a microscopic level. This contradiction has inspired the space itself, where the rational and the emotional meet and HI-MACS becomes a piece of art.

"We have drawn up a space full of fantasy and surprise, where people can linger, enjoy and encounter the endless possibilities offered by the range of LG Hausys materials. We applied them in their full extension, from wall to floor, from covering to foil, and beyond. The most fun part was to really stretch the different materials' possibilities all the way to the unexpected!", said Marcel Wanders. 

Experience two contrasting spaces, the rational and the emotional zone. The rational zone, is a fundamentally functional and visually clean meeting space, which encourages dynamic dialog and information exchange. The floors and the walls are executed in metal panels with geometric shapes highlighting the openness and sharpness of the space. In the centre of the room, and inspired by one of Marcel Wanders' patterns, lays an exceptional piece; a slowly rotating imposing 'Medallion' which reveals all the beauty and versatility of the Solid Surface HI-MACS.

Opposed to this rational and functional zone, the emotional zone is more intimate, mysterious and poetic. The entire space is covered in the Marcel Wanders 'Blooming Universe' pattern, and feels like a quiet pensive oasis. Here patterns extend to all surrounding objects: from seats, to decorative pieces and floor standing lamps. This surreal and visually imposing environment is contrasted with glossy white HI-MACS and metallic film surface of the Medallion in the centre of the space. The visitor is lured into taking a seat and appreciate the beauty of this slowly rotating, dramatically lit central sculpture. 

The usually functional HI-MACS achieves an almost poetic quality; LG Gracia wallpaper has been used as furniture cover, and appliance laminates have been used as wall covering. Marcel Wanders concept for the LG Hausys stand at Milan Design Week 2015 surprises and inspires, it highlights the creative use of LG Hausys products, whilst at the same time providing a perfect balance between tactile and the intangible, rational and emotional, practical and magical. 

Visit from April 13th through 17th at Superstudio Group, Via Tortona, 27, 20144 Milan. 


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