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Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

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Three years in the making, Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age, a true labour of love is being presented in all three editions at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016. The Unique Art edition, the Limited and the Unlimited edition will be showcased at Stand 4.1 Q59 in the ARTS+ area right across from the Monocle Cafe. More than a book, Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age, is a work of art itself, which shares with us over 60 of the greatest masterpieces of the past and reveals how these works from Rijksmuseum’s Gallery of Honour influence how we see the world today. 

As a departure from the stylistically rigid and inherently systematic, the collection is presented without hierarchy and combines the ageless master paintings with professional perspectives set in different styles of calligraphy along with an offering of contemporary works of art. Each piece is brought up close with the most surprising detail, as the finest printing techniques and thoughtful perspectives transport these paintings from a different age and vividly bring them to life.

In collaboration with Moooi, the books will be presented in a setting that very closely resembles a library, with the Limited Edition being exhibited in the middle of the booth on a book stand and the Unique Art Edition displayed in a vitrine.

Adding to the celebration, 320 exemplars of the Unlimited Edition will be presented and offered for purchase at a special price during the fair weekend.

With this heroic homage to the 17th Century Dutch masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum’s prestigious Gallery of Honour, Marcel Wanders captures his reverence for those enshrined and their ability to transcend time, ideology and societal trends.

Visit the Official Website and Read More About this Publication.

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