Marcel Wanders


Rock your workout at the Kameha Grand Zurich!

Check out the short video made by our talented 3D team for the gym of the  ‘Kameha Grand Zurich’  hotel. Here comes the animation ‘Stamppot’: 

At Marcel Wanders we like to innovate in design and create beautiful products and interiors, but always with a wink to put a smile on your face. Made for the gym of the ‘Kameha Grand Zurich’ hotel, this video is an example of the fun we have with our projects and we are incredibly glad that we can share the joyful nature of our studio with you. ‘Stamppot’ is a typical Dutch dish of mashed vegetables, and in this video we have mashed up some idiosyncratic elements. The Marcel Wanders philosophy is about bringing the human touch back to design and to have excitement for making our ordinary days extraordinary. People coming together is a reason for celebration, and that is why we develop products and environments that are special and festive. We desire for our work to be smart and rationally formed, but also captivating and relatable in every detail.




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