Marcel Wanders


Saint-Jacques luggage for Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

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 I move discreetly, yet bold and visible

I am extroverted, from the inside out

I prove that surface is not superficial

I surprise your hands, please your eyes

I step into your massive footprint

but make you feel...........

you travel light.


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Saint-Jacques is a not-so-ordinary luggage, striking with its unique image, innovative spirit and technical perfection. The external 3D texture is what makes the item elegant, pleasant to touch, resistant to scratching and impact, and the contrasting colors give character to the over-size zips. The TSA padlock with a combination is part of the shell. The Saint-Jacques is ideal for cosmopolitan travelers that travel to the US, it is a product of harmonious design and functionality. 

31_NEWS_fpm_milano 2012_MG_7199.jpg

31_NEWS_fpm_milano 2012_MG_7197.jpg Limited edition white case on show at the 2012 Salone del Mobile.

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Have you ever met Marcel

Do you like your gold shiny? 

Have you heard the news

This make me feel sooo happy

Are you fond of white

No such thing as over the top! 

Sparkly like silver or shiny like gold

Are you a metal head? 

Can you catach a rainbow

Does glass always pass the light?