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The newest Jardin d’Eden Table Candelabra for Christofle

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In 2007, Marcel Wanders set out to create an extraordinary silverware collection for Christofle. With an appreciation for the finest silversmith’s work tradition, Jardin d’Eden is a family of exclusively edition pieces which celebrate outspoken etching work, noble materials and Marcel Wanders’ design.

The iconic signature pattern shows interlaced leaves, curled lys flowers and decorative apples against a geometric matrix reminiscent of the lush garden and the seven sins. Flatware, tabletop, candelabras, trays and centerpieces form the majority in the collection. In 2012, two outstanding pieces of Haute Orfevrerie have been added; a silverware chair and oversized clock, which saw its edition sold-out on its launch date. Both items challenged the idea of what is technically possible in the field. 

At Maison & Objet (23-27 January) Christofle will present the latest addition to the Marcel Wanders’ Jardin d’Eden family: the table candelabra. This piece is the closest relative of the 134 cm height candelabra launched in 2013. The now 40 cm height table version can host one, three or five candles. The sockets take on their shape after the Dutch tulip and the cut-off conic foot is engraved with the collection’s signature pattern.

A guest at refined dinner table settings, this centerpiece is the jewel of memorable evenings.   

Available through: 

Maison & Objet
Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris
23 - 27 January



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