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The Wandering Grace

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Working on everything from product design to packaging to art direction and retail design, the Marcel Wanders partnership with Kosé Corporation/Cosme Decorté involves a holistic design approach. Together, they have brought a wide array of cosmetic products to market, including a series of precious limited edition face powders every year since 2011. 'The Wandering Grace' is the latest timeless luxurious collection to cherish.

Conceived as enduring beautiful objects, these delightful collectibles celebrate the dream of a young muse at home in an enchanted forest, yearning to travel to new and exciting places. The shape of the face powder reflects an elegant purse to hold all the treasures found during her travels. The lotus flower on the case's exterior is a sweet talisman and reminder of the comforts of home. The signature floral ornaments are gently embroidered in soft leather and give a tactile and exclusive feeling.

“There is innocent beauty in this collection, inspired by the belief that when you have the courage to leave home, the world opens itself to you,” states Marcel Wanders.

Marcel Wanders' partnership with the Japanese cosmetics brand is founded on a mutual desire to embody distinctive beauty through a sophisticated fusion of sensuousness and intelligence.
“Their values align well with ours, as we both strive for the highest possible quality backed by exclusive technology and research. We both passionately promote a distinguished global brand presence,” adds Gabriele Chiave.


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