Vista Alegre Blue Ming 0

Blue Ming Collection For Vista Alegre Now Available Online

There are two European ceramic cultures, the Dutch Delft Blue and the Portuguese Cobalt Blue ceramics, that find a common ancestor in Chinese Ming porcelain. From this shared history and heritage, this collection (2016) forges a new yet connected language of artistic contemporary expression, and therefore its name Blue Ming. These exclusive porcelain items combine the highest quality and functionality with sculptural elements. Additional tulip-shaped and leaf motifs complement the elegant blue graphics in some pieces. The collection includes a big tea cup and saucer, the espresso cup and saucer, a tea pot and sugar pot, a fruit bowl, soup terrine and a range of plates. Further, an iconic candleholder and flower vase offer unique versatility and complete this collection that stands as a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity.

“With this collection, we bring culture to functionality. Each piece has a purpose and with the Delft Blue design they have meaning that connects to eras past. The artistry of tradition in these pieces is timeless,”  

says Marcel Wanders.

“These unique pieces are not merely to be placed on display in a cabinet, but rather to be used to make mealtime a special event. They are tangible items that are as versatile as they are durable,”  

adds Gabriele Chiave.