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Marcel Wanders Creates Two New Objets Nomades For Louis Vuitton

Amsterdam, April 4th 2017. Marcel Wanders presents two timeless pieces from the ‘Objets Nomades’ collection for Louis Vuitton in Palazzo Bocconi, Milan. A meticulously hand-crafted ‘Lune Chair’ and ‘Diamond Screen’, a modular room divider, reflect the luxury and dedication to authentic craftsmanship the iconic brand is known for.

Marcel Wanders' ‘Lune Chair’ and ‘Diamond Screen’, a modular room divider, reflect the style and elements that make Louis Vuitton a classic brand. Harkening back to the traditional travel trunks, the ‘Lune Chair’ reprises the golden metal bumper corner element as part of its support structure. It is also crafted with wood and leather that features the same matelassé cushioned textile pattern found inside the trunks. With an organic shape, this limited-edition chair cradles adults in timeless comfort. Also, being presented at the exhibition in Palazzo Bocconi is ‘Diamond Screen’, a modular room divider. This iconic piece is available as a standing set of 2 x 3 meters, as well as a customizable, versatile solution, that allows for combinations of geometric shapes to form either an open, closed or see-through partitions. This leather screen is a blend of Marcel Wanders and Louis Vuitton heritage and iconic patterns, and an ideal solution for architects and designers to create walls in their interiors.

“Louis Vuitton is the benchmark of what it means to love your craft. And we wanted to honor their heritage of undeniable quality and excellence,”

says Marcel Wanders.

“The foundation of our objects was exploration. More specifically, movement. We wanted to create pieces that connect to the Nomade concept, are versatile and playful and create a myriad of spatial possibilities” 

adds Creative Director, Gabriele Chiave.