Barovier & Toso , 2019

Product Design | Lighting

Inspired by the tulip, an iconic symbol of the Dutch culture, two designs within a new chandelier system capture attention at Salone del Mobile 2019. Made in hand-blown Murano glass, the collection for Barovier & Toso (2019) includes three models for each of the two designs, in a total of six variations. In addition to tulips, the Golden Age is represented through joyfully appointed butterflies and petals that are revealed within the chandelier as little pendants, while leaves emerge to hold the lights. While displayed next to a more minimal model that can be used as a singular chandelier, the two main designs can combine to form a unique large column-configured chandelier. This, along with colour variations, allows for scalable, modular, customized illumination. Featuring a composition of arms placed around a central void, its delightfully surprising core is made of sculpted floral leaves.