arcHiteCt SerieS

Element4, 2021

Product Design | Surface Design

As part of the Architect Series project between Element4 and Marcel Wanders, a four-sided gas fireplace is forged. Bridging the floor to the ceiling, this architectural wonder brings suspended elegance and warmth to any space. A concept ignited from mankind’s enchantment with fire, the fireplace features customisable surfaces to seamlessly match any surrounding motif, radiating beauty to every part of the room. The glass of the middle section is designed with a v-cut, diamond pattern that invites all to view the dancing flames within. Resembling a whiskey tumbler, the glass refracts every flame, elevating their captivating effect. At the heart of the fireplace, a dark bouquet of flowers forms the coals at its base. From the moment it is lit, fire escapes through the petal forms, uplifting the human spirit with its eternally magical and scintillating display.