BASTA, 2023

Marcel Wanders has launched a new company with an important mission. Along with the talented Joel Roos and Stefan Mahlberg, known for One Nordic & Hem, he has co-founded an innovative venture, BASTA. It is their vision to transform the way we live and consume, with their future-proof sofas.

At BASTA, they go beyond just creating good sofas. They reinvent how sofas are designed, made, and delivered. BASTA’s furniture is not just furniture; they're an embodiment of sustainability, modularity, and convenience. Made with long-lasting recycled materials, delivered in re-usable cargo bags, and designed for easy adaptation. This is a game-changer in the world of home furnishings.

"We have a new audience today: it's a generation that is always on the move. One of the problems we are trying to solve is how do you navigate the narrow layouts of European houses? How do you make sure that your furniture travels with you when your job brings you to another city?" says Marcel Wanders.

BASTA's design is a harmonious blend of timeless sophistication and contemporary ingenuity. Every detail has been crafted to create a seamless and adaptable piece of art for your home. The Cubi sofa, designed by Marcel Wanders, offers revolutionary flexibility and is practical for everyday use. You can keep the Cubi sofa clean and fresh thanks to its washable covers. The modular design makes it easy to adapt to your changing needs: it allows you to create your very own configuration through various seating options and arrangements for a personal perspective on the design. And another important fact: the Cubi sofa is easy to assemble and disassemble, to take with you, wherever life takes you. A sofa you can shape around your life, your needs, and your space.

They are manufactured handmade in local ateliers in Amsterdam or Helsinki. Local production is fundamental to BASTA's values. It means they deliver their sofas in reusable transport bags with a biodiesel van directly to their customers, to you. In the near future they will open more ateliers for more international clients.