Ramun, 2019

Product Design | Lighting

In collaboration with Alessandro Mendini, Marcel Wanders brings an extraordinary lighting performance to residential or hospitality interiors for Ramun. Combining light with music, Marcel Wanders has created a lamp that grants a soothing sensory experience. With just the touch of its cap, the lamp comes to life offering ten different classic melodies by Bach, Chopin, Puccini, Pachelbel, as well as a 'Happy Birthday'. Bella is available in golden or silver finishings.

“We design with every sense in mind. The Bella Lamp helps people express themselves and their dreams in a charming way.” – Marcel Wanders.

Lovely and intimate, Bella makes light, colour and sound fun and playful. Connecting people and moments, this bell-shaped lamp gives people a sense of place and settings an inviting and melodic atmosphere.

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