BluE minG

Vista Alegre, 2016

Product Design | Tableware | Home Accessories

There are two European ceramic cultures, the Dutch Delft Blue and the Portuguese Cobalt Blue ceramics, that find a common ancestor in Chinese Ming porcelain. From this shared history and heritage, this collection (2016) forges a new yet connected language of artistic contemporary expression, and therefore its name Blue Ming. These exclusive porcelain items combine the highest quality and functionality with sculptural elements. Additional tulip-shaped and leaf motifs complement the elegant blue graphics in some pieces. The collection includes a big tea cup and saucer, the espresso cup and saucer, a tea pot and sugar pot, a fruit bowl, soup terrine and a range of plates. Further, an iconic candleholder and flower vase offer unique versatility and complete this collection that stands as a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity.