bOuquet & New ClaSSic

Up To You Anthology, 2022

Product Design | Art Direction | Retail | Animation

Marcel Wanders presents in collaboration with Up To You Anthology, the Bouquet and New Classic bags. The Bouquet is a wearable manifestation of the efflorescence of flowers in the spring. Drawing inspiration from the natural formulation of flower petals, the unique pattern of this bag lies in the seamless combination of two modular pieces. The repetition of these modules, or petals, formulate to create one whole bag symbolic to the combination of many flowers found in a bouquet. As respect to the organic world, this bag was designed with a special conscious mindset. As leather hides are organic and therefore irregular, many bag designs result in high amounts of leather waste. Inspired by this problem and the studio’s affinity with biophilic design, the bag was designed with smaller modules than other more traditional bags, so that several pieces could be die-cut from one unique hide. Resulting in better use of resources, less leather leftovers, and high-quality handmade Italian bag, which blossoms all year long.

The New Classic elevates and reinterprets classic luxury bag design. The New Classic is constructed with the time-honoured craftmanship technique, wet moulding, in a modern and conscious way. In traditional wet moulding bag designs, the contour surrounding the mould is cut and expelled as waste. The New Classic integrates the contour into the design, resulting in less waste and an aesthetically unique adaptation to a classic, high-quality, and structural handbag. The hardware also allows adaptable wearing; the chain can be adjusted so that the bag gracefully rests across the body or shortened and worn over the shoulder. Exhibiting polarities, the bag rebels from typical design by exhibiting an unexpected pop of color in the lining, adding a vibrant touch to a classic archetype. This bag is a staple item that every woman deserves as an addition to her wardrobe. True to its name, the New Classic is designed to stand the test of time, crafted with the highest quality Italian leather and hardware.

Marcel Wanders also took on the art direction for this collaboration by organizing and providing animations, a window shop design and professional photoshoot with models.

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