Alessi, 2016 - 2019

Product Design | Tableware | Home Accessories | Limited Edition | Art Direction | Campaign | Video & Animation | Event | Packaging

High-quality stainless steel material featuring bold, geometric patterns of circles, stripes, conic shapes, and colours such as white, black, yellow, red and gold, combines the functionality of kitchenware with the pageantry of the circus. Along with everyday tableware and accessories, such as plates, trays, bowls and storage containers, an heirloom collection of five classic kitchen tools is reimagined as circus characters. These limited-edition sculptures include 'The Strongman', 'The Jester', 'The Ballerina', 'The Ringleader', 'The Candyman' and 'The Seal' and are as functional as they are entertaining. Very detailed and of high quality, they eventually become family heirlooms. Designed in 2016 to bring delight, each piece delivers the wonder and amusement that can only be found under the big top.

The Strongman (Nutcracker), Alessi Circus campaign image (2016).

Ballerina (Music Carillon), Alessi Circus (2016).

The Ringleader (Bell), Alessi Circus (2016).

The Candyman (Candy Dispenser), Alessi Circus (2016).

The Jester (Corkscrew), Alessi Circus (2016).

Exclusive event Launch of Alessi Circus, Amsterdam (2016).