Decorté, 2019 - PRESENT

Product Design | Beauty & Cosmetics | Packaging | Limited Edition | Art Direction | Campaigns

With modern package design that is slender and refined, the DECORTÉ make-up  and cosmetics (2019) express playfulness and sophistication. Allowing her to wear bold, vibrant colours to capture attention, the entire make-up collection looks like candy, as if dipped in chocolate. The shiny reflective golden copper lids and caps of the outer casing present a look and feel of pouring liquidity. Also across the cosmetics collection the vision was to, with a very few lines and curves, express an idea of sensuality that reminds of a woman’s body. The slightly curved shapes of make-up and cosmetics also translate the quality and softness of the products themselves into the packaging concept. The new juicy look of the make-up, and the silhouette profile of the cosmetics packaging with rounded corners and surfaces, make each item more ergonomic and comfortable to use across the entire collection.