DreSSed PotS & pAnS

Alessi, 2011

Product Design | Home Accessories | Art Direction | Campaign | Packaging

When pots and pans are dressed, your guests' dining experience truly starts in the kitchen. Combining functionality with intelligent design, this collection of high-quality pots and sauce and fry pans gives you all the versatility you need to be dressed while cooking. A durable stockpot, casserole with two handles, pasta-set and milk boiler – all topped with patterned sparkling silver lids – now accompanies the non-stick cookware collection of 2012. Each designed piece, whether it is made with a stainless steel mirror polish or non-stick finish, is dressed to cook and dressed to serve. From slow boiling to simmering to frying and sautéing, this set features everything needed to turn your meal into a ritual ceremony. It is how the wonderful jewels in the kitchen become jewels on the table.