flAgShip Store

Decorté, 2020 - present

Art Direction | Interior Design | Beauty

A sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolis Shanghai and Tokyo, the Decorté Flagship offers a holistic shopping and beauty experience. With more locations to follow in the near future, the state-of-the-art concept store welcomes customers to an interactive retail space and guides them on a scenic journey through the world of Decorté – amplifying the spirit of beauty and the passion of craftsmanship. With the Decorté emblem at its heart, the store is richly embellished with floor-to-ceiling artwork in a variety of luxurious design feature. From detailed textures with engraved signature patterns to brilliant cut bronze mirrors, that play on the brand’s iconic pattern of hexagonal shapes and flower-like symbols – a resemblance of skin’s texture and a representation of beauty as a badge of honor. Styled and showcased in a poetic and informative way, a set of elegant display towers elevates Decorté’s product ranges and invites to discover and explore. Customers can also find their perfect skincare or make-up product using augmented reality including 3d holograms, smart mirrors and automated testing or take inspiration from the interactive digital advertising screens throughout the store. An extravagant floral wallpaper mural sets the tone in the VIP Room. Surrounded by the beauty of flowers in full bloom, the exclusive area allows one to experience the brand in a more personal and intimate setting. For those seeking a moment of relaxation, the blossom-inspired treatment room dressed in blush tones radiates calmness and tranquility and creates an environment where the mind feels calm and the soul can find nature’s harmony.