fiOre fOssile, a mOther of peArl tAble

Duson Gallery, 2023

Product Design | Exhibition

The Fiore Fossile designed for Duson Gallery. Their owner Mr. Yangsoo Kim asked for this project five designers to design a table of Mother of Pearl. The wooden structure and the mother-of-pearl is realized by a renowned master craftsman from Seoel. Other designers are Stefano Giovannoni, Elena Salmistraro, Marco Zanuso and Young hee Cha. Each designer designed a table that was produced in Korea.

Amidst the rocks, a pebble in black, adorned with petals of mother of pearl,

crafted with ancient Korean wisdom.

Within each flower, a world unfolds, a perfect beauty born from skilled hands, a symbol of love,

crafted with heart, a treasure of art that forever stands.

The pebble's surface, both rough and smooth, in every glimmer of iridescence a promise of hope,

a dream of light, a memory of love, a vow of trust, a message of beauty that takes flight.

May this stunning work of art inspire a passion for craft and remind us

of the gifts of the earth and skies above.