hAppY hOur chAnDeliEr

Marcel Wanders, 2005

Product Design | Installation | Lighting

In the most festive of collaborations, award-winning choreographer Nanine Linning and Marcel Wanders invented the most legendary and innovative concept in the field of hospitality, art and design. While dreaming of the splendour and greatness of what the future could hold, they imagined a wondrous vision. Hallucinating a magical spectacle, they pondered what it would be like to be served petit fours at teatime that are accompanied by little spoons of chocolate mousse and offered never-ending flutes of champagne by dancing angels that floated overhead. Not long after this vision took shape, the unparalleled ‘Happy Hour Chandelier’ (2005) was given birth. The result is a dazzling live art performance that has Nanine Linning hanging upside down from a chandelier serving champagne to guests, and is still happening around the world.