kAlEidO of liFe

Sahrai, 2022 - 2023

Product Design | Surface Design

The Kaleido of Life collection is a limited edition rugs collection in which natural elements play a sensual game of symmetries and colours. The collection features three large different rugs. Finely hand knotted in natural silk and wool, the rugs are inspired by the natural elements: air, water and earth; of the three elements is depicted through a computerized graphic creativity, which plays with the sensuality of natural forms. Air is Lush, in which butterflies dance in the wind caressing the tree branches on a summer evening just before sunset. Water is Allure, a dive into the depths of the sea, surrounded by figures magically created from different sized shells, starfish and underwater vegetation. The earth is Charm, an entanglement of fruits, the protagonists being pomegranate and the autumn colours. In 2023 this collection extended with four new rugs: North, South, East and West.