kAmehA GrAnd ZuriCh

LH&E Group, 2015

Interior Design | Hospitality | Surface Patterns

The five-star Kameha Grand Zurich (2015) is a LH&E Group hotel that celebrates the rich heritage of Switzerland. Craftsmanship and intelligent design create majestic and festive decors, evoking a sense of belonging and familiarity from one floor to the next. In the lobby, guests are greeted by a matelassé white wall covered with golden hotel keys, exquisite rugs with Guilloches inspired drawings, a grand staircase along with a monumental handcrafted cow bell lamp that recalls the culture of Switzerland. 245 rooms and 12 theme suites are appointed with Swiss-inspired chocolate-patterned wall panelling, mini-bars fashioned as bank vaults, and Toblerone-shaped sofas, while the restaurant concepts take their cues from Italian and Japanese culinary offerings. Along the hotel, warming woods, custom-made furniture, tactile upholstery and iconic lamps express the local culture.