lAdy Jane

Gamma & Bross, 2021

Product Design | Beauty

Designed to be as luxurious as it is versatile, the Lady Jane collection displays a classic scene as the ensemble of high end salon equipment and beauty furniture transforms a salon into a dreamy, artistic spa oasis.

We created this collection to enable any salon to be transformed into a destination. The design of the pieces reflects the human body at rest, allowing guests to discover beauty while being made beautiful themselves” – Marcel Wanders.

The collection includes an island station, a styling salon chair, shampoo unit with basin, rolling trolleys, a variety of mirrors and a reception desk. The furniture upholstery presents a stitched floral relief that endorses a visual and physical feeling of depth to the guest. All frames and metal pulls are coated in either gold, chrome or matt black colours. Designed with soft and poetic curves, precise silhouettes, rich details and versatile accessories, the pieces create an elegant and welcoming interior. Offering functionality that uplifts the human spirit, this collection is a fresh breeze in the field of professional equipment.