luDwig Zwei

Bayerische Staatsoper, 2021

Interior Design | Food & Beverage

Within the Bayerische Staatsoper is the restaurant Ludwig Zwei, where guests journey through an emotional, surprising visual experience. From one interior space to the next, bespoke furnishings and premium materials are perfectly paired, creating an ensemble of dramatic flair and sophistication. Passion and anticipation greet guests in the foyer where theatrical lighting sets an exciting mood, and a row of mirrors creates infinite reflection above a bespoke red carpet. The bar area is designed with a red velvet curtain drop, brass columns, marble standing tables and Alcantara grey padded walls. The dining area features marble flooring and grey velvet seating and a red velvet curtain wall. Featuring designs made for Moooi, Barovier & Toso, Flos and more, the restaurant Ludwig Zwei in the Bayerische Staatsoper is a contemporary twist on the poetic elegance that can only be found at the opera.