mAiSon deCortÉ

Decorté, 2017

Interior Design | Retail | Video

Take a journey to renew the mind, body and spirit at Maison Decorté (2017) in the Ginza Six shopping complex in Tokyo, Japan. With a full range of Decorté cosmetics, facial and body treatments, this space an exclusive retail & spa experience. Four themed environments, divided into three treatment rooms and a retail space, represent nature’s effect on female skin throughout. In the welcoming space, the first theme, rejuvenation, is designed to restore and inspire the body to fight gravity and spring forth life. The second room, offers the shield of a lush forest that diffuses the sun's harmful rays, warming the skin without causing damage. In the third room, where crystals form and solidify, a woman's skin is suspended in a perpetual state of purification. Finally, in the last of the treatment rooms, the skin is calmed and reborn in a dim and mysterious place. At Maison Decorté, connecting with nature holistically, guests emerge revitalised, refreshed and completely renewed.